San Diego Section Of SNAME Hears Paper On Epoxy Resin Machinery Chocking

san diego section of sname hears
paper on epoxy resin machinery chocking

The last meeting of the 1976-77 program year for the San Diego Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers was held on April 20, 1977, at which time the Section's past chairmen were honored.

During the business meeting, the results of the elections were announced. The elected officers for the coming year, 1977-78, are: chairman, C.W. (Bill) Bascom; vice chairman, Ralph J. Bradford Jr.; secretary-treasurer, James C. Schaff, and Executive Committee member (to 1980), Robert J.


Henry P. Rumble, awards chairman, presented Philip Weintraub with a certificate of appreciation from National Headquarters for his work this year as chairman. J.W. Wilson, chief engineer, Philadelphia Resins Corporation, presented his paper on "Essential Principals and Practices of Epoxy Resin Machinery Chocking for the Offshore Industries." He pointed out that the concept of using epoxy resins for marine machinery chocks is no longer novel, but the variety of uses to which they are being put is not generally recognized. The offshore industry offers as many potential uses as any, and yet has been among the last to take advantage of chocking resins.

He continued by saying all of the classification societies now approve resin chocking of main engines with loading of 350 psi and 140°F maximum operating temperature, while some now are up to 500 psi and 160°F temperature limit. Other uses f o r resin chocks are loaded even higher — diesel generator set skid to deck chock, up to 1,200 psi; and anchor windlass or mooring winches up to static loads of 1,200 psi, with transient loadings to 3,500 psi. Finally, he pointed out that chocking resins are a proven engineering material with a thoroughly developed technology.

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