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FarSounder Celebrates “20”

Sonardyne wins Queen’s Award for 2021 marks two decades that FarSound-

Unlocking the Secrets of our Restless Sea Floor er has been dedicated to developing their unique 3D Forward Looking Sonar tech- nology (3D FLS). Today, this patented technology is deployed globally. Argos se- ries of navigation sonars are used to detect shallows and obstacles in the water column.

There is a broad range of vessel types that ? nd these sonars invaluable. With a user in- terface showing real-time 3D imagery in up to a 120-degree ? eld of view out to naviga- tionally signi? cant ranges, the bene? ts are abundant.

Impact Subsea Altimeter gains

Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Impact Subsea received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation for its ISA500

Altimeter, recognized as having a step-

Sonardyne change impact within the ? eld of underwa-

Manufacturing Assembly Operator Ian Hall, prepares a seabed monitor- ter altimeters in terms of distance measure- ing instrument at Sonardyne’s headquarters in Yatelely, England. ment range, accuracy and new functionality previously unseen in the market.

A pioneering system developed novation 2014. This allows hundreds by Sonardyne to study ocean ? oor of instruments to be deployed simul-

Nicola Offshore, Cyprus movement has been recognized with taneously and the data they gather to

Subsea Partner a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in In- be wirelessly gathered using subsea

Nicola Offshore GmbH and Cyprus Sub- novation. Developed over more than robots and crewed or uncrewed sur- sea Consulting and Services C.S.C.S. Ltd a decade and in use globally by the face vessels.

(C.S.C.S.) have signed a commercial part- energy and ocean science sectors, So- Users of Sonardyne’s sea? oor moni- nership agreement with the goal of sharing nardyne’s seabed deformation moni- toring system include international knowledge and resources to unlock new ef- toring system is designed to provide energy company Shell and Earth re- ? ciencies for acquiring marine data using engineers and scientists with new search organisation Scripps Institution multibeam echosounders, subsea gliders understanding of the sea? oor and the of Oceanography.

and ocean monitoring instruments. physical processes that act upon it. Shell’s research geophysicist Dr.

Using a network of autonomous, Paul Hatchell (retired) said: “Sonar-

Valeport achieves ‘Made In Brit- battery-powered instruments deployed dyne’s sea? oor deformation monitor- ain’ status on the seabed, the system measures ing technology was a complete game-

Valeport achieved the ‘Made In Britain’ horizontal and vertical seabed move- changer for helping Shell to gain accreditation for its range of innovative ma- ment at a high level of precision insight into their offshore reservoirs, rine solutions that are developed, designed

The instruments used in Sonardyne’s located in very deep water, where di- and manufactured at its UK headquarters in seabed deformation monitoring sys- rect access to the sea? oor by people is

Totnes, Devon. The independent, family- tem have been engineered using low obviously not practical. owned business, which employees more power electronics and long-life batter- “I worked closely with the Sonar- than 90 people from state-of-the art facili- ies, all in pressure tolerant housings, dyne team on this application from ties on the River Dart, designs and supplies enabling them to remain on the seabed the very beginning. This award is precision sensors and probes to a world- for more than 10 years at a time. highly deserved recognition of their wide customer base that includes: environ-

They also contain Sonardyne’s un- dedication to technological innovation mental, energy, construction, dredging, en- derwater digital acoustic commu- throughout our 15-year journey to- gineering, scienti? c research and military nications technology, which won a gether and I am thoroughly delighted sectors.

Queen’s Award for Enterprise in In- with today’s announcement.” 60 May/June 2021

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