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TCarta Marine

Japan/France: OZZ-5, autonomous mine countermeasure vehicle. Bathymetry data for NOAA.

tor on the prime contract awarded to Woolpert. The NOAA pilot focused on two shallow-water regions that were 3,000 sq. km in total area - one in the Green Bay area of western

Lake Michigan and the other around Cape Cod and Nantucket

Sound. Both areas experience natural forces that alter the un- derwater terrain faster than traditional bathymetric surveys can be completed.

Merchant Ship Earns DNV SILENT-E Notation

ONEX Peace, an Aframax tanker built by Hyundai Samho

Heavy Industries and delivered to its owner ONEX, has be- come the world’s ? rst merchant ship to receive DNV’s SI-

LENT-E notation. The SILENT-E notation ensures ships do not exceed average-to-moderate Underwater Radiation Noise (URN) levels.

PanGeo Subsea Delivers SBI into Taiwan

PanGeo Subsea announced the introduction of our patented ONEX Peach is ? rst with “SILENT-E” notation.

Sub-Bottom Imager (SBI) to Taiwan to deliver sub-seabed im- aging for Jan de Nul, in support of Formosa 2 Offshore Wind

Farm Project. Initially, PanGeo plans to have one SBI unit resident in Taiwan with a plan to ship additional SBI units as operations dictate. PanGeo will be supporting the growing re- newable markets in the region by providing acoustic imaging services for cable depth of burial speci? cally for Formosa 2 with plans to provide technology solutions to other developers in the region as more offshore wind projects are announced.

Express Engineering Opens New

Assembly, Test Center

Express Engineering opened its new international assem- bly and test centre, an investment of approximately $5m in a 48,000-sq.-ft. purpose-built center in Gateshead in the North of England.

PanGeo Subsea Photo courtesy HSHI

PanGeo Subsea’s SBI to Taiwan. 59

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