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Hydrographic Survey Sonar

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Innovative new ships, boats & technologies to facilitate subsea work

R/V David Packard

MBARI to build new Research Vessel he Monterey Bay Aquarium “MBARI’s mission to explore and diving remotely operated vehicle (ROV)

Research Institute (MBARI) understand the ocean is more impor- Doc Ricketts. is embarking on a new chap- tant than ever, especially in light of the As the command center for the ROV

Tter in its ocean research with growing threats of climate change, over- Doc Ricketts, the David Packard will the construction of a state-of-the-art ? shing, and pollution,” said Chris Scho- allow researchers to continue explor- ship, a research vessel named in honor lin, MBARI President and CEO. “This ing the deepest reaches of the Monterey of MBARI’s founder, David Packard. new state-of-the-art research vessel will Canyon and beyond.

Designed by Glosten and to be built at expand MBARI’s reach and enhance “To safeguard Earth’s living ocean,

Freire Shipyard in Vigo, Spain, R/V Da- our research, engineering development, we need to invest much more in science vid Packard will measure 164 x 42 ft. and outreach efforts.” and exploration,” said Julie Packard, (50 x 12.8m) with a 12-ft. (3.7 m) draft. The new research ship will enable con- Chair of MBARI’s Board of Directors

It will support a crew of 12, plus a sci- tinued exploration of the deep sea, from and Executive Director of the Monterey ence crew of 18. MBARI has selected, the midnight zone — the inky depths Bay Aquarium. “That’s something my for the construction of the R/V David below 1,000m (about 3,300 ft.) — to father understood when he founded

Packard. the abyssal plain, with MBARI’s deep- MBARI in 1987. MBARI’s new vessel

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