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Hydrographic Survey Sonar

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Birns 1V and 1B Coax JW Fishers Helps to Find a WASSP S3 Gets Upgrade

WASSP released the latest ver-

Connectivity Solutions Truck in the James River

Birns introduced new RF subsea con- The James River is a tributary of the sion of its S3 dedicated Hydrographic nector with contacts capable of open Missouri River, and the Beadle Coun- Survey MBES with rollout of new Real- face pressure ratings to 1433m, UHF ty Of? ce of Emergency Management time Processing Module. WASSP S3 is insertion loss of =0.7 dB at signal fre- (OEM) uses a JW Fishers side scan so- a professional survey and mapping mul- quencies to 3GHz and maximum UHF nar system to help locate most anything tibeam echosounder, designed to sur- voltage standing wave ratio (VSWR) of lost underwater. It was deployed recen- vey up to 10x faster than a single-beam 1.7:1. The newest product introductions lty, as Tom Moeding, Beadle County’s echosounder. It combines data from a with these features include the Birns 1V Emergency Management Director, ex- multibeam transducer simultaneously series, featuring a unique, compact coax plained. “We used our JW Fishers side generating a 120 degrees swath with up contact that offers 75O impedance in the scan sonar to pinpoint the location of a to 100 pings per second. This function- same footprint of a 50O contact. The 1V 2014 Dodge pickup.” The driver ran the ality now incorporates advanced sig- line is ideal for HD/SD video with sig- truck into the river in the middle of the nal processing from the new Real-time nal frequencies to 3GHz. All coax pin night, but could not remember the loca- Processing Module along with position, con? gurations in the 6km-rated Birns tion. After ? nding tire tracks the dive heading, motion and sound velocity to

Millennium series are now offered with team and its JW Fishers system was de- create an accurate bathymetric map this new compact coax contact. ployed, and found vehicle. meeting hydrographic survey standards. www.jw?

Sound Shield Aims to Keep Asian Carp in Check

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), the U.S. Army Engi- have huge implications for invasive species management,” neer Research and Development Center (ERDC) and partners said Dr. Marybeth Brey, a USGS research ? sh biologist and installed a temporary, experimental underwater Acoustic De- the project lead. “This new deterrent system is designed to terrent System, or uADS, at Mississippi River Lock 19 be- be more selective and not affect native species, providing an- tween Keokuk, Iowa, and Hamilton, Illinois, Feb. 3. The de- other tool for resource managers to deter Asian carp.” ployment is part of a study to understand how invasive Asian Asian carp — including silver carp, bighead carp, black carp carp respond to acoustic, or sound, signals. and grass carp — are harmful because they grow quickly and “If this uADS is successful in deterring Asian carp, it could aggressively compete with native ? sh for food and habitat.

The multiagency team installed the experimental uADS in the lock approach to test, under ? eld conditions, the potential

Personnel from the U.S. Army Engineer R&D Center and for acoustic signals to deter both the Asian carp and native

U.S. Geological Survey watch as a 350-ton crane lowers ? sh from moving upstream. The engineering, maintenance the 105-foot-long weldment, or underwater Acoustic De- and logistical considerations associated with long-term opera- terrent System, into the lock approach of Lock 19 near tions of the uADS in an active navigation channel will also be

Keokuk, Iowa, Feb. 3, 2021. Laboratory-tested sounds assessed throughout the study.

that proved to be irritating to invasive Asian carp will be

The uADS is housed in a weldment — a 105-foot-long broadcast underwater from the weldment as part of a beam with 16 speakers — in the approach channel of Lock 19.

study to evaluate ? sh behavior. 55

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