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RBRquartz³ Q|plus Electric Subsea Valve Ac- Echoscope4G C500

Pressure Logger tuator with a Safety Spring Coda Octopus released the Echo-

RBR released the new RBRquartz³ Bosch Rexroth recently presented a scope4G C500 Inspector system, de-

Q|plus pressure logger. At the heart is disruptive innovation for electrically ac- signed as a modular, mobile platform an integrated Paroscienti? c Digiquartz tuating valves in the subsea process in- designed to make sonar deployment pressure sensor for best-in-class initial dustry. The new SVA R2 Subsea Valve simple and fast. The Inspector com- accuracy, resolution, and low-drift per- Actuator is reported to be the world’s prises a bespoke, lightweight integrated formance. Intended for long-term au- ? rst electric actuator that can replace sensor platform supporting the ISAR ro- tonomous or real-time observations, the conventional hydraulic cylinders with tator and the C500 sonar. The Inspector

RBRquartz³ Q|plus has high stability ? eld-proven safety technology and platform can be suspended and lowered and can resolve water level changes as without taking up additional space. from a single lifting point for near-sur- small as 100ppb at 16Hz sampling rate Thanks to condition monitoring and a face temporary deployments or can be (for example, at 50m depth that would safety spring, the SVA R2 satis? es Safe- placed directly on the seabed using the be a resolution of ±0.005mm). The ty Integrity Level (SIL) 3 in accordance extendable tripod legs included with the

RBRquartz³ Q|plus also comes standard with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511. The use system. A single integrated sensor cable with a ±0.002°C high-accuracy temper- of internationally standardized interfac- (ISC) connects the ISAR and C500 so- ature sensor and may be con? gured with es means even more standardization in nar to the 3D Connect integrated topside an optional three-axis tilt sensor. the subsea process industry. unit providing power, control and data.

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