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Mariscope launches Balmoral’s Offshore Wind New Gyroscope from its new ROV Flunder Cable Stability System Silicon Sensing

The new Flunder model from Mari- With recent publicity surrounding Silicon Sensing announced a new gy- scope was launched worldwide, an offshore wind cable failures, Balmoral roscopes, the CRS39A which was de-

Observation Class/Light Work Class Comtec says its integrated cable protec- signed for use in severe environments category ROV. The new model is based tion stability system offers up to 75% including downhole drilling ops. This on the Commander MK III. The Flun- reduction in subsea cable movement upgrade of Silicon Sensing’s established der, in its standard version, incorporates helping prevent damage. The stability CRS39 gyro includes a move to a single six 400W thrusters, four horizontal, solution, which complements Balmoral board, from two. This has reduced the two vertical. and a modi? ed control FibreFlex, its patented cable protection unit’s mass by 40% and allows it to be system. The power of the motors can be system, offers enhanced tensile and installed far more easily in space-limited increased on demand up to 900W each. creep performance by using weighted applications, such as the 25mm diam-

These features, together with its low modules to improve cable curvature re- eter cylinders typically used in down- pro? le that reduces its hydrodynamic sponse while maintaining system geom- hole drilling equipment. CRS39A also resistance (its dimensions are 100 x 120 etry over life. Even in the most extreme incorporates upgraded micro electro- x 40 cm), gives it a speed of 3-5 knots. environments a 50% reduction in subsea mechanical systems (MEMS) and elec-

Flunder will come in standard 500m movement is achieved that more than tronics, including new drive electronics version, with a 1000m version available. doubles cable lifetime performance. and improvements to the sensor head.

Sonardyne’s Gyro

USBL completes the Ranger 2 pack- age onboard the research vessel


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