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Hydrographic Survey Sonar

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Ryan Born

Spotter and Smart Mooring installation in Mo’orea, French Polynesia. gle, large and exceedingly expensive satellite with exquisite In a time of rapidly changing climatic patterns and increas- instrumentation, we build large networks of low-cost satellites ing environmental anxiety, the implications of weather-spot- with much simpler sensors,” Janssen explained. The value of ting technology represent signi? cant potential for saving and more data points certainly is hard to dispute. “Our goal is to protecting communities, ecosystems and industries that are at use our technology to help others to help us grow our ocean the mercy of ocean-atmosphere dynamics. Advancing sensor data infrastructure,” he added. “Our dream is for a future and modeling technology, paired with innovative users and a where interconnected, universally compatible ocean-sensing ticking clock, will continue to enable meaningful discoveries, devices are a reality, ushering in a more sustainable future ful? lling our decade’s dedication to ocean science and sus- with universal access to ocean data and insights.” tainable development. 47

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