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Hydrographic Survey Sonar

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“Fiber-optic gyroscopes use a coil of optical ? ber and measure an effect known as the Sagnac effect to determine rotation very accurately with no moving parts” ......


Xavier Orr, CEO, Advanced Navigation


TV ......

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EqES9Zs-wEk breakthrough that Orr said comes from reliant on GPS, can now use gyro com- the university’s work on gravitational passing and highly accurate INSs within research. “Advanced Navigation saw their range.” the potential of this technology, so we “The biggest opportunities we would developed it through to the commercial- see are in the U.S. and Europe at the mo- ization point.” ment,” said Orr. “We’re seeing a huge amount of interest in autonomous sys-

Applications tems, a huge demand for INS systems

There are multiple opportunities to for subsea and maritime applications.” leverage this technology across indus- tries, but looking strictly at the maritime sector, some of the biggest categories would be ROVs, AUVs, marine survey- ing and ship navigation.

“BOREAS allows for solid state, north seeking, or gyro compassing at a frac- tion of the size, weight, power, and cost of systems currently on the market,” said

Orr. “That makes it viable to take sys- tems that are currently using magnetic heading and move them across to much more reliable gyro compassing or north seeking technology.” As technology in general starts to evolve more quickly, Orr sees a number of trends in the maritime and subsea sector that could be drivers for

DFOG technology and Boreas D90 for a generation to come. “What we’re seeing is there’s a big focus on autonomy in the marine and subsea marketplace at the moment,” said Orr. “So companies are investing a lot of money in automating both subsea systems and also sea sys- tems. Applications that currently use un- reliable magnetic heading or are heavily 23

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