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Hydrographic Survey Sonar

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As a commercial product, the system could be a game- changer for the ? shing industry.

“There would be a lot of bene? ts to be able to see what your bait or lure is seeing, especially deep in the ocean,” said Phil- lips. “There are a couple of systems on the market that can take pictures or record video, which you can watch later, but this system would provide live video, enabling the person who is ? shing to adapt on the ? y to what they are seeing.”

Educational Bene? ts

Phillips won’t have to look far to see the reel system put into use. He expects engineering students at URI to ? nd many creative ways to apply it to projects.

“If we have this compact reel system that can be taken out on any boat on any day, it’s really great for students because they can make all types of stuff to go on it,” said Phillips. “We can enable students to make their own deep-sea equipment using this type of system.” Phillips is excited to see what the students will come up with. “When I look around my lab, I

Photo courtesy of Brennan Phillips see a bunch of successful and failed projects that students de-

The ? ber optic ? shing reel system while still under con- signed,” said Phillips. “That’s how good engineering happens, struction in Brennan Phillips’ lab at URI’s Narragansett Bay through trying and failing.”


Making Hydrographers’ Tasks Easier

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The Next Generation INS/GNSS

State-of-the-art Motion

Post-processing Software & Navigation Solution 19

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